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Fetishingme is an art project by the photographer Ricardo Silvestre. It is a personal investigation of sexuality and gender boundaries where the artist captures the most private side of being human. Portraits, based in real experiences and characters, explore the world of fetish and queer scene. An organic exhibition, nourished by the viewer, of sexual fantasies, nudism, fetishism, sadomasochism and bondage. It is pure photographic exhibitionism, shared intimacy open to the public, made art.

#Issue 01 (2019 Series)
London 2020

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#Issue 00 (2014-18 Series)
London 2019

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Book: The Spanish photographer -based in London- Ricardo Silvestre began this project four years ago, now converted into a self-published annual book. Through their home-studio passed all kinds of men,willing to share their nudity and also their fetishes. Silvestre, as a voyeur, gave absolute freedom to all those who wanted to liberate their sexuality behind his camera, and this has shaped this suggestive -and explicit- volume that allows the author to make visible all kinds of queer fetishisms. And also show his rich vision of masculinity that rebels against normativity without complexes or taboos.

Fetishingme is also a living exhibition where the artist, subject, workspace, and viewer participate in the artwork. The exhibition coexists online and in gallery-studio spaces.

Workspace: The photographer works in his itinerant studio where each viewer can be portrayed and involved in the project through their sexual fantasies and fetishes.

Exposition: The photographer works in an installation consisting of a studio where the public, in addition to observing the artwork process, has the opportunity to be involved and photographed.

Fetishingme is also an itinerant artwork that is exhibited in galleries, museums, events and festivals. If you are interested in hosting the project please contact by email.

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