Ricardo SilvestreDavid, born in Valencia, Spain. At fourteen, entered the School of Arts and Crafts in Valencia. He was trained in different artistic disciplines, including graphic expression techniques, fashion design and performing arts. He completed his studies by specialising in photography and traditional development techniques. He then travelled through Europe with his camera, and returned to participate in an international meeting of artists in Spain, where he exhibited his work in different cities.

During the following years, he focussed on art in education, working with children and people with disabilities where he used art as a tool for social transformation. In 2004, he moved to Madrid where he continued with this vocation while also developing a career in music production over the next five years. He composed and remixed music for different bands, such as Fangoria and Mastretta, as well as for plays and audio-visual performances. He collaborated with various musicians, and published an album under the stage name Rúdiguer. He took opportunities to photograph artists, and designed album covers, posters and flyers.

He moved to England in 2012. He works as a e-commerce photographer in Net-a-Porter and MrPorter in London and publishes portraits and photos of fashion campaigns and cultural events. He has been published in international papers and magazines like Pornceptual, F-Stop Magazine or Rough. His work was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome and Madrid, comprising a series of posters and photographs from the film Los Objetos Amorosos.

In 2019 the special first issue of “Fetishingme” is published. A compilation of this photographic project during 2014-18. © all rights reserved

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