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Ricardo Silvestre, a spanish artist based in London. He has travelled the world, photographing local life, culture, custom and manners, through the portrait and the search of beauty sensuality in each individual. His work emphasizes genuine morphologies, pushing to the limit the stereotypes of gender representation and questioning the dogmatic masculinity.

In addition, he works in parallel on his project “Fetishingme“, is an evolutive series of photographs that explores the beauty of male body and the most intimate aspect of the desire, his sexuality and private kinks, the world of fetish and BSDM without taboos. Ricardo, is involved in every session and each subject’s fantasies. An erotic game between the voyeur and the exhibitionist.

In 2019 the first especial issue of “Fetishingme” is published. A compilation of this photographic project during 2014-18.

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Le Voyeur Voyageur

Álvaro López


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Captura de pantalla 2017-11-29 a las 0.04.56


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 Yin Female

 Yang Male

হিজড়া Yin-Yang

Yōkai 妖怪


1994 Whore!

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