Collar & Make Up by Ricardo
2018 London, England (UK)
Published in: Pornceptual


As a Performer and Artist, I always work straight from the body – finding expression through movement and physicality.

The body for me is a beautiful plain canvas that we can use clothes, objects, paint etc to express the individual and I believe the body should be celebrated more in its purest form (nude). I do not see myself as either ‘male’ or ‘female’ but a constant mixed and fluctuating expression of what people traditionally identify with this binary,  blurring the line between being feminine and masculine and questioning those terms on a daily.

I also do not see why we should limit ourselves to a particular sense of style or label when it’s a lot more fun to play or express yourself through different gendered clothes creating an androgynous aesthetic.

This, however, shouldn’t be confused with my sex or genitalia – I love genitalia. There are great pleasure and Liberation in being confident in your self and your genitalia. We all have them.

Luke Vincent.



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