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| Queer, Fetish & BDSM  by Ricardo Silvestre|

Fetishingme is an art project by the photographer Ricardo Silvestre. It is a sociological investigation of sexuality and gender boundaries where the artist captures the most private side of being human. Portraits, based in real experiences and characters, explore the world of fetish. An organic exhibition, nourished by the viewer, of sexual fantasies, nudism, fetishism, sadomasochism and bondage. It is pure photographic exhibitionism, open to the public, made art.

fetish BDSM kink 緊縛縛りshibari kinbaku bondage training nudity නුවණටහුරුය nudismヌードsex பாலியல் sensuality еротизъм erotism porn เพศ淫蕩 feminization sissification queer vouyerism exhibicionism slave master submission control विनम्रdomination leather rubber latex הומו WSFFCBT punkskin twink sports ຕີນ ជើង suit boots heels hood lingerie chains mask feet piercing tattoo electro ناقص


Still Life, Still Tom (Rare Salt)Tom (Rare Salt) for STILL LIFE, STILL TOM (Full Series)


Banana PopBanana Split (Full Series)


Mert, Alex & Zake for GAUDENTIS (Full Series)


AlexAlex for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


42478713561_5fae0c9502_hAlex as “Blue Angel” for FETISHINGME (Full Series)



Jordan B. for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


Kink and Filth over a 2.5mm Laminate Floor
Dylan Tudor for KINK & FILTH on a 2.5mm LAMINATED FLOOR (Full Series)


Nico as SAINT SEBASTIAN for #Fetishingme
Make Up by Ricardo
2018 London, England (UK)

The Flaming Bitch
Harold for THE FLAMING BITCH (Full Series)


GRGabriele for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


Fuck!FUCK! (Full Series)




Dominic Dominus for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


Nico for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


37460815494_a1536b5a45_k Лукас (Lukas) for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


Przemek Philip Kamiński
Przemek Philip Kamiński for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


Gavin Series for FetishingmeGavin for FETISHINGME (Full Series)


Richard Schmidt
Richard Schmidt for FETISHINGME (Full Series)




Kinky Klown for FETISHINGME (Full Series)










Fetishingme is a living exhibition where the artist, subject, workspace, and viewer participate in the artwork. The exhibition coexists online and in gallery-studio spaces.

Workspace: The photographer works in his itinerant studio where each viewer can be portrayed and involved in the project through their sexual fantasies and fetishes.

Exposition: The photographer works in an installation consisting of a studio where the public, in addition to observing the artwork process, has the opportunity to be involved and photographed.

Fetishingme is an itinerant artwork that is exhibited in galleries, museums, events and festivals. If you are interented in hosting the project please contact us by email.

If you are passionate about art and sexuality, interested in queer and gender fluid culture, practice nudism, obsess about fetish, or love BDSM; if you have confessable fantasies and want to share; you can be part of this exciting project. Write an email with your proposal and fulfill your fantasy.

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